Ruben was another of Isabel’s ponies. Like Lucy, Ruben felt Isabel’s absence acutely. Also like Lucy, he thrives with the love the volunteers give him every day. Ruben suffers terribly during the summertime. His poor body isn’t able to fight off the effects of stinging insects. And to add to that, his allergies kick in making any sting much more serious. Ruben was forced to be alone and inside the barn for much of the summer days when the bugs were bad. This additional shelter took him out of the insect-laden environment. If left outside, poor Ruben would run himself into exhaustion trying to get away from the flying insects. But it also left him lonely for much of the day without his herd-mates. Ruben longs for fall and winter, when he can find some peace.

Ruben’s allergies require daily medications during allergy season. Our generous donors have kept Ruben in fly sheets during the summer to help limit the amount of body the bugs have access to. Monitoring Ruben’s feet and giving him relief when his feet are painful is also an ongoing job. Ruben requires seasonal medications. And as ponies will be ponies, Ruben’s fly sheet needs to be replaced from time to time.

It is through your generous donations that Wind Dancer can continue to meet Ruben’s care needs,