Frosty is an aged grey mare who came to Wind Dancer through an SPCA seizure. Frosty is completely blind. Before she came to Wind Dancer, Frosty lived in a stall. She never got to go outside to smell the fresh air or nibble the green grass. She formed a habit of walking the perimeter of her stall all day. When the SPCA seized her, the manure in her stall was piled high. Her circling habit had pushed it up the sides of the stall walls.

When Frosty arrived at Wind Dancer, she was placed in a small paddock. Outside for the first time in a long time, Frosty continued to circle. She would walk small circles in the middle of the paddock all day long, just as she had done when confined to her stall.

Frosty is a very sweet mare. Her blindness is a condition for her, not an affliction. She learned where her fencing boundaries were and where they were not. She learned where her water trough was and where it was not. She learned where the run-in shelter is and that she has to step over the floor frame support to get inside. And most importantly she learned exactly where the hay feeder is.

Over time, Frosty’s need to circle has diminished. She has enjoyed a nibble of the fresh spring grass and the smell of a crisp fall day. She has been allowed to grow a thick winter coat and feel the spring mud beneath her hooves. All things that she was previously denied.

Your generosity has helped to fund the construction of our special “blind pony” paddock. We have installed safety measures so Frosty doesn’t accidentally get a zap from the electric fence. We instruct visitors and volunteers to speak to Frosty as they approach her so she is not startled. With these measures, and her companions, Frosty is able to live out the remainder of her life in comfort.