Beans was rescued along with his buddy Frank. They were both stallions purchased off of “Kijiji” who were no longer welcome by the sheep farmer who owned the property they were on.

Beans was gelded when he was brought to the rescue. His wild bachelor days had left him with quite a bit of attitude. He was pushy towards the other ponies and the volunteers who cared for him. Only experienced horse handlers were allowed to work with Beans. This ensured neither pony nor person got hurt.

The Wind Dancer team went to work. The only way Beans would have a family was if his demeanour matched his cute little face. The work began. Beans was difficult to catch and difficult to lead. He couldn’t be easily groomed. Veterinary and farrier care was difficult. Still the volunteers persisted. In pairs, the volunteers worked with Beans day after day. They worked with equine specialists who volunteered their time. They researched training tips and tools. And kept coming back. That is what this little pony needed – someone who wouldn’t give up on him. And that’s what he got at Wind Dancer.

Beans is a much more pleasant pony to be around than when he first arrived at the rescue. He is still terribly cute, but he is not cuddly. He has a great personality, but needs to be handled with firmness. He has a lot of heart and needs to be handled with kindness. He needs someone to believe in him.

Your donations make it possible for Beans to be surrounded by people who believe in him