Babe is a shy little mare who lived alone, with no companions and little food. She desperately wanted to be part of a herd, but this social structure was unknown to her. Upon her arrival at Wind Dancer, she was put into a small paddock. This paddock was separated from the herds but she was able to interact with them safely over the fence. Babe required significant feeding when she arrived. But ponies have a tendency to founder when fed too much too fast. So her recovery from thin and dull-coated was a long road.

After a period of time, Babe joined the pony herd. She is a favourite of volunteers because she is such a pretty little thing! But Babe’s early upbringing has made her shy and very suspicious of new things. She stays well away from new people and is often difficult to catch. Carrying out routine activities such as vaccinations and hoof care is extremely traumatic for her. Babe is terribly stressed in these situations.

Volunteers work tirelessly to help Babe overcome her fears. Daily handling and gentle encouragement is needed for her to go past her comfort zone. Helping Babe be comfortable in new experiences is part of Wind Dancer’s mission. She must feel secure in order to learn to be brave. She has come a long way but there is more ground to cover.

Your donations are what enable us to keep working with Babe.