Elf is a friendly little mare who loves the attention she gets from volunteers and visitors. It is obvious she has had loving care during her lifetime. She has a kind eye and is not suspicious of strangers. Like Cheroot, anyone can walk up to Elf and say hello. She’ll even accept a little cuddle.

Her previous caregivers discovered she was headed for slaughter if the owners couldn’t find a home for her. They quickly contacted Wind Dancer. You see, Elf is lame at any gait faster than a walk. She has an arthritic knee, possibly due to an old injury. Now she is no longer “useful”.

Elf can stand and walk comfortably. She’s not in constant pain. She can provide companionship to herd-mates and people. Her eye is bright and her heart is big. She has given her all to people. A little arthritis isn’t reason enough to die.

Your help is needed to keep the hope alive for Elf. She will be loved and cared for at Wind Dancer. She will make a lovely companion for other animals in the right foster farm setting.

It is the dollars that you provide that allow us to continue our work. To make sure Elf is safe and loved until the right foster farm is found.