Dudley is our resident ‘hinny’ – a cross between a pony and a donkey. Dudley had a wonderful life when he lived with his family. They had a small acreage in the rural areas surrounding a growing town. A perfect place to grow up with his family and live out his days. But the town had other plans. The growing town encroached on the rural properties. Highway expansion and zoning changes resulted in the family facing a very difficult choice: uproot the entire family, or stay in their home but Dudley and his barnyard companions would have to go.

Not one of us would want to have to make such a decision. Wind Dancer welcomed Dudley into the Wind Dancer family. This made a heartbreaking family decision a little easier to bear.

But we couldn’t have been there for Dudley without the financial assistance that donors like you provide. Our commitment to providing loving homes for these lost souls is matched only by your financial commitment to us. We count on you, just like Dudley counts on us.