Cheroot was once a great riding pony. He developed a condition called uveitis and he is gradually going blind. Once his vision failed, he could no longer safely carry his riders. So he was put out to pasture with a herd of cattle. He was severely foundered when he came to Wind Dancer, as a result of eating the same rich alfalfa diet as his cow companions. Cheroot now suffers from laminitis, which flares up painfully from time to time.

Cheroot is a very sweet boy. He lives in the blind pony paddock with his companion Frosty. They are both quite able to make their way around their environment safely.

Cheroot is a favourite of volunteers and visitors alike. He can hear you coming, and is always there to politely greet visitors near the gate. His loneliness has lessened over time with the tender loving care the volunteers provide.

Cheroot’s laminitis is something that can’t be predicted. He is fine one day but that can change very quickly. Because he is prone to these flare ups, he must be monitored closely. At the first sign of sensitivity, pain management must begin.

Many retired riding ponies get to live out their remaining days in happiness and comfort with the family they dedicated their lives to. This not always the case.

For Cheroot, he is happy to have a new family and secure in the knowledge that we will take care of him. Time and expense will not be spared for this faithful old mount. And it is your generosity that makes this possible.