Fairee spent much of her time in the Pony Club. Her small rider participated in Pony Club games and events. And as is the intention of Pony Club, both pony and child learned a lot! But Fairee’s fate is one that befalls many ponies. She was outgrown.

Quickly after joining the Wind Dancer herd, she was placed with a foster family. Fairee enjoyed a wonderful couple of years before recently returning to the rescue.

If you look closely at Fairee’s left eye in this picture, you can see the corneal ulcer she developed in the summer of 2014. This painful eye injury was probably caused by Fairee rubbing to rid herself of an itch, or hitting a sharp stick while rolling happily in the pasture. Months of daily care and medications are needed to ensure Fairee didn’t lose her eye. She is now healing nicely, but the treatments are costly and ongoing.

We are dedicated to ensuring our ponies will always have a safe place to live. Our fostering program hopes always for a ‘forever home’. But we recognize that circumstances can sometimes change. And we must be there to ensure the ponies don’t slip through the cracks. It is your ongoing financial support that makes this possible. And for that, we are truly grateful.