Bomber was one of Wind Dancer’s first ponies, having spent several years as part of a riding school. When they deemed him ‘unsuitable’ for this job, he was not going to be kept around.

Bomber has a quiet nature. He is content to be left on his own – as long as he can see his herd. He loves the volunteers. It breaks up his day to follow them around while they perform their duties.

Bomber gets stressed when he is taken to events and exposed to crowds. He is very much a home-body. His ideal foster farm environment will not require him to travel! Bomber’s riding days may be over, but he still has a lot of love to give. He is a wonderful companion– to both people and animals. His shyness tends to make him ‘fade into the background’. He is not a ‘front and center’ kind of guy, so he is often overlooked. Your generosity makes it possible for Bomber to continue to enjoy his retirement. A well-earned retirement is the least that we can do for this wonderful older gentleman!