A Fairee Story: The spirit of the Wind Dancer Pony Rescue


A pony arrives at a fine old farm and steps carefully into her new home. The new foster caregivers watch hopefully as their horse and the new arrival step nose to nose for the first time. None of them can know the important step this represents in Wind Dancer Pony Rescue’s campaign to provide caring homes for ponies and in the dream of a little girl who inspired it all.  “Even as a little one, Isabel knew her life purpose was to provide safe sanctuary for ponies in need,” says her mother, Dr. Paula Dupuy, President of the Foundation in Sheffield ON.

Fairee (the little buckskin pony to arrive at her new foster home) is the 20th pony rescued by Wind Dancer in its four years. Fairee’s new companion is a retired champion, grieving the loss of his stable mate after 35 years together.

Wind Dancer’s foster campaign aims to find homes for three ponies this year, freeing up space for those unfortunate calls that another rescue is needed, some of them desperate cases.

To read more about Fairee’s Foster Adventure, check out the summer edition of WHOA magazine:    http://online.flipbuilder.com/rsos/lzvo/#p=72

To learn more about fostering or helping our ponies:  www.winddancerponies.org/get-involved/foster or email winddancerfostering@gmail.com





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